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Data & Telephone Services You Can Depend On

Are substandard communications hindering your organizational expansion? Your conventional data carrier may suffice for making personal calls, but your enterprise deserves better. At Tice, we provide the Pacific Northwest with the pinnacle of data and telephone technology so that businesses can stay connected.

Communications That Go the Distance
What makes a stellar communications system? It takes more than just the right hardware. Whether you’re installing a new network or augmenting an existing deployment with additional equipment, you need to be certain that you’ve planned as thoroughly as possible.

Your productivity depends on your ability to share information, and this necessitates data and telephone implementations that meet demand. We specialize in helping you assess your organizational requirements and formulate effective deployment plans for functional, robust networks. Thanks to our knowledge, you can build a system that develops with you as your business dreams evolve.

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All your WIFI needs.

On-premises and cloud business communications

Effortless High security door controllers.

Video, Security & Beyond.

We’re the Best at What We Do
We offer a range of services designed to fulfill your unique needs, and our track record is marked by engineering triumphs. Talk to a Tice specialist about our

  • Intelligent, secure access control products,
  • Wireless and wired systems,
  • Video surveillance frameworks, or
  • Scalable business management backbones.

How do we manage to provide so many different services and still satisfy the overwhelming majority of our clientele?

Our success is about more than merely having a knack for installations or system troubleshooting. Our team is full of passionate people with the industry credentials to prove their knowledge and experience. We love working with you as you conceptualize phone and data network projects and attempt to push your business to the next level.

With Tice, you’ll gain more than just a capable communication network. You’ll also get the advantage of heightened productivity that empowers you to accomplish your mission more faithfully. We’re heavily invested in seeing you succeed, so send us a message about your next project today.

Tice is on the leading edge of data and telephone technology. We offer ProdataKey which develops smart access control products for the security industry. Their development of wireless access control early on has lent itself to the most advanced wireless solutions in the industry. Tice also offers a number of systems from ACTI, a powerful, reliable and scalable solution for video surveillance and business management. Tice has partnered with Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi with indoor and outdoor voice, video and data innovations. Please contact our office for more information about how this new technology can increase you businesses’ productivity and profitability at a minimal cost.


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