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Industrial outdoor lights against a blue sky.Lighting is more than a mere functional feature. In the business world, it’s a necessity that can set the tone for your workplace interactions, contribute to productivity and improve the way customers relate to your enterprise. At Tice Electric, our goal is to ensure that no matter what your organizational mission is, you’ve got the proper illumination to accomplish great things.

Industry-ready Lighting

Lighting installations and upgrades demand unfailing precision. Although illumination is a ubiquitous element of modern business, it takes more than a knack for running wires or an ability to hang fixtures to create an enterprise-ready, reliable lighting solution.

Commercial, retail and industrial settings are characterized by harsh conditions and liability concerns that make it critical to adhere to electrical best practices. We’ve been working hard for more than 80 years to stay abreast of the standards that define lighting efficiency and safety. We can’t wait to improve your facilities next.

Comprehensive Service

What distinguishes Tice Electric Company from other lighting service providers? Our track record of excellence was forged in the fires of demanding business conditions, extremely challenging lighting projects, and stringent federal and local regulations. We’ve tackled everything from site reliability improvements to electrical build-outs and efficiency analyses, and we’re always ready to add new projects to our massive portfolio.

Tice Electric Company is the one-stop solution for all of your facility lighting needs. Ask us about our

  • Lamp and ballast replacement
  • Power company rebate programs
  • Fixture cleaning and relamping
  • Lighting control installation and troubleshooting
  • Security and outdoor site lighting
  • Energy use assessments and smart, eco-friendly control systems

With so much depending on how you illuminate your facilities, why gamble on the chance that your electrician might fall short of your expectations? Every member of our team is trained and bonded, and we’re constantly gaining new skills, so you can always count on a job flawlessly done. Discover more by scheduling a consultation today.

Since 1934, Tice Electric has established a reputation for providing reliable, friendly service, competitive prices and unrivaled craftsmanship. Let us be a part of your next lighting project.


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