Wiring the Pacific Northwest since 1934

Tice Electric works with developers and electricity providers throughout the Western United States building and servicing power substations. Our work ensures the efficient distribution of electricity from generating plants to homes, business, and industry. We are proud of our part in power projects that keep regional utility rates among the lowest in the nation. We work with Bonneville Power Administration, Portland General Electric, PacifiCorp, and other utilities to build innovative facilities for the smooth transfer of energy for end-users in throughout the country.

Wind Power Substations

As a leading builder in the energy resource field, Tice Electric has teamed up with some of the region’s largest utility providers. Two of our recently completed alternative energy substations support phase one of the Puget Sound Energy Lower Snake Wind Project in Southeastern Washington, which relies on 149 turbines to generate 343 MW of wind power for electric customers in the Pacific Northwest. The Dodge Junction substation transfers wind-generated electricity from 11 feeder lines while the Phalen Gulch station distributes power from eight feeder lines. Each substation is designed for expansion as future stages of the Lower Snake Wind Project come online.

Electricity from Solar Farms

Our involvement in such alternative energy projects as the Springbok Solar Farm, located in Kern County, California, ensures Tice Electric’s continuing contribution to ongoing development of renewable power resources in the western states. We built the 34.5kV/230kV collector substation that draws electricity via five feeder lines from the 137 MW Springbok 1 solar farm and six feeder lines from the 191 MW Springbok 2 solar farm. The substation then transfers this clean energy to customers throughout Southern California. Drawing upon our decades of experience and technical expertise, Tice Electric has forged a network of critical links connecting the growing solar power industry with end-users, actively reducing the demand for electricity from traditional power resources.

Hydroelectricity from the Northwest’s Mighty Rivers

With Oregon and Washington generating up to 75 percent of their electricity via hydroelectric facilities, water-powered turbines are major contributors to the power grid across both of these states. In fact, Washington is the nation’s largest producer of hydropower and supplies the excess electricity it generates to 13 western states as well as Canada.

Tice Electric Company helps build and maintain substations across the Pacific Northwest that collect, convert and supply clean, environmentally responsible power on demand to local residents and distant consumers alike.



Some of our hydroelectric work includes:

  • 115kV and 230kV GSU transformer modifications at the USACE The Dalles Dam
  • Powerhouse upgrades and substation modifications at the PacifiCorp JC Boyle Facility.

Power Collection and Distribution Substation Expertise

At Tice Electric, are goal is to build cost-effective, efficient power collection and distribution substations. In a world nearly as dependent upon electricity as it is on food and water, a gap in the electric supply, whether temporary or longer-term, can bring life to a standstill for power customers.

Our ongoing partnerships with the region’s power providers reflect their trust in our ability to build the most complex projects on budget and on time. From steel structures to metering devices, switches to cables, Tice Electric earned our reputation as the go-to firm.

Get in touch with our dedicated staff at Tice Electric today to get your power distribution project off to a running start. We provide you with the installation expertise and you need for trouble-free electricity delivery. Simply fill out our online contact form or speak with a member of our experienced staff now.



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