The finest reputation in the highway electrical industry…
In the highway electrical industry where integrity means everything, Tice Electric Company has the finest reputation for competitiveness, fairness, and on-time project completion. Every day, residents of the greater Northwest depend upon the work we’ve done, from TriMet’s MAX Light Rail System to the Portland City Streetcar to the retrofitting of the Interstate Bridge.

During the past quarter century, we’ve constructed hundreds of traffic signal and street illumination systems. Our satisfied customers include the largest transportation bodies in the Northwest: the Oregon Department of Transportation, the City of Portland, Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington Counties, TriMet, the Port of Portland, and numerous other governmental bodies throughout Oregon. Tice also prides itself on the work we’ve done building signal and street lighting systems for land and property developers, and for paving, site, and sewer contractors.

We’ve worked hard to make the name Tice Electric Company synonymous with unsurpassed quality, cooperation, and leadership in the transportation industry. We take on every new project as an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to excellence that has been our hallmark since 1934.

You can expect that our electricians will listen to you, ask you the appropriate questions, and then present you with all of your options so that together we can come up with the best solution for your electrical needs.

At Tice Electric Company, we pride ourselves on our integrity. We are certain that you cannot be served better than by letting us serve you.


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